Proficiency Testing
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NASCOLA provides proficiency testing for North American laboratories to evaluate and improve their diagnostic testing for coagulation disorders. Participation in the proficiency testing program requires NASCOLA membership.

You are welcome to contact us for more detailed information about this testing.

Please read further for additional information regarding the NASCOLA Proficiency Testing Program.

2017 NASCOLA Fees and Module Programs 


Price in USD

Thrombophilia module I *         

Antithrombin (activity and antigen), Protein C (activity [chromogenic and clotting] and antigen), Protein S activity, Protein S antigen (total and free)



Thrombophilia module II**  APC resistance160

Lupus Anticoagulant / Antiphospholipid Antibodies module*                    
Anticardiolipin and anti-β 2 glycoprotein I antibodies


Coagulation Factor module I*

Factors VIII (clotting and chromogenic), IX, XI and XII


Coagulation Factor module II*

Factors II, V, VII and X


Von Willebrand Factor module* 

Antigen, activity, collagen binding, multimers, factor VIII


D-Dimer module*  


Factor VIII inhibitor module**


Thrombin Generation Test (TGT) module**


Heparin Induced Thrombocytopenia (HIT) module – Immunological assays***


Unfractionated Heparin Monitoring (anti-Xa)*


Low-molecular weight Heparin Monitoring (anti-Xa)*


Homocysteine module* 


Anticoagulant drug testing: Orgaran**


Anticoagulant drug testing: Fondaparinux**


Anticoagulant drug testing: Rivaroxiban**


Anticoagulant drug testing: Apixaban**


Anticoagulant drug testing: Argatroban**


Anticoagulant drug testing: Dabigatran**


Factor XIII module* 


Fibrinolysis I module*

Plasminogen, Antiplasmin


Fibrinolysis II module*

T-PA (antigen), PAI-1 (antigen and activity)


 ROTEM delta, ROTEM sigma, TEG (2018-1 and 3) 160 each
 TEG/ROTEM additional instruments (up to 4 additional may be ordered)  95 each

Platelet Dense Granule Deficiency (DGD) module
2 surveys per year


Postanalytical interpretation of platelet aggregation tests

2 surveys per year, 4-5 cases/survey


 Screen Module (APTT, PT/INR and Fibrinogen)                    

□  1 instrument     □  2 instruments    □  3 instruments    □  4 instruments    □  5instruments
Screen module (Thrombin time)195
Case Studies on Bleeding Disorders  This survey provides plasma and DNA, and a case description. Based on the case description, participants can make decisions on which test should be performed to find the correct diagnosis. The idea is to follow the differential diagnostic strategy normally used in your own clinical laboratory. When DNA is provided we will ask also for the underlying genetic defect.

The focus in this survey is finding the correct diagnosis, including the tests needed to perform to come to the right diagnosis.



MG1 Set A:  FV-Leiden, Prothrombin, MTHFR (C677T, A1298C), PAI-I 4G5G



MG1 Set B:  FXIII V34L, GPIIIa, βFib (g455a), VKORC1 (G-1639A/C1173T), FXII c46t,  FV-H1299R



MG1 Set C:  a1 PI, Apo E, ApoB100, ACE, CETP




MG1 Set D:  Aldo B (149,174,334), HFE (H63D, C282Y, S65C), LCT c-13910t, NOD2  (R702W, G908R, L1007fins C)




MG1 Set E:  M. Wilson (ATP7B-C3207A), FSAP (Marburg-I), ITGA2 Gplalla C807T, Col1A1 SP1, VDR (BsmI/Apal,TaqI)



MG1 Set F: Factor VII (R353Q), AT3 Cambridge Typ I/II, CYP3A5*3



MG2 Set A: TPMT, CYP2C8 (K399R), CYP2C9 *2/*3, UGT1A1 (*28), DPD Ex 14 skipping, BCHE A/K


 MG2 Set B: K-Ras: Codon 12/13/61, BRAF V600E 160 
 MG2 Set C: HLA-B27, TNF alpha (238, 308) 160 
 MG2 Set D: CYP2D6, CYP2C19 (*2/*17) 160 
 MG2 Set E: HLA B*5701, CYP2B6*6 160 

DNA Isolation and FV genotyping (2 surveys per year)



DNA Sequencing and Interpretation (2 surveys per year)

Participant sequences DNA sample. One sample is linked to a case report and interpretation is provided.



NASCOLA Membership Dues and ECAT Program Charges are paid once, regardless of the number of PT/EQA Modules ordered. A NASCOLA membership account must be created before placing an order.



NASCOLA Membership Dues


NASCOLA Membership Dues

Institutional Member (clinical labs)*……………………………… …$170 USD

Associate Member (vendors)*………………………………………$1400 USD

Individual Member………………………………………………………….$50 USD

           *eligible to order PT/EQA modules


Based on membership type, as outlined

Annual ECAT Subscription Fee (result submission via internet and data analyses) – single annual charge with orders of one or more proficiency testing modules

Internet result submission and internet access to reports

Internet result submission and internet access to reports plus printed copy sent by post





Additional Information:

NASCOLA is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to improve diagnostic coagulation testing, through proficiency testing, critical evaluation, guideline development, enhanced communication, collaboration, education and research.


Clinical Laboratories can join NASCOLA as an “Institutional Member”. Companies (that manufacture, distribute or provide other services in the field of Coagulation) can join NASCOLA as “Associate Members.” Individual memberships in NASCOLA are also available. Institutional and Associate Members have the option to participate in the proficiency testing/external quality assessment (PT/EQA) program that NASCOLA offers in collaboration with ECAT Foundation. Additional privileges, for all categories of NASCOLA membership, include NASCOLA website access to educational and resource materials (open for all interested specialized coagulation laboratory staff of an Institutional Member, and to all interested company representatives of Associate Members). Trainees (physician and MT) of NASCOLA institutional members are also eligible to join (membership complimentary).


NASCOLA holds 1 major scientific conference per year, and 1-2 general membership meetings, often in conjunction with NASCOLA scientific conferences and other national meetings (ISTH, THSNA, ISLH, Mayo Coagulation Testing Quality).

 NASCOLA is pleased to offer Proficiency Testing Modules for nonregulated, specialized coagulation analytes at substantially lower costs than competitors. PT/EQA challenges are scheduled for March, May, August and November 2017. For optimal assessments of testing quality, PT/EQA challenges include normal and abnormal clinical samples (distributed as lyophilized sample sets from ECAT). Participants receive individualized, confidential reports. NASCOLA posts summary analyses (on the website) prior to these send-outs, to allow members expedited access to survey data. NASCOLA annual fees (by membership category) and 2017 Module Programs (available to Institutional and Associate Members only) are outlined in detail in the appended Table. Orders placed later than January 6, 2017 will be prorated (based on number of remaining surveys). 


If you would like to join NASCOLA, or would like more information on the benefits of membership, contact us at or send an e-mail to


To review a D-DIMER SAMPLE REPORT, SUMMARY REPORT and INTERPRETATION choose one of the following links:

D-Dimer Sample Report

Explanation of Long Term CV Report

Survey Summary Report