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Top Reasons for Joining NASCOLA

Here are testimonials from some of our members on the advantages they see in joining NASCOLA.

  • “The very best quality proficiency testing.” “Cost effective proficiency testing of actual patient samples rather than diluted controls.” “The cost of proficiency testing is substantially lower than what we have found with other programs.”
  • “Excellent color-coded proficiency result data analysis and ability to easily see laboratory performance on each analyte.” “First rate peer group statistical analysis that not only addresses outliers, but how well your test is performing as well as how well other reagents on the market are performing, and Z-scores that alert to possible trending.”
  • “The long term performance analyses, of proficiency testing analytes, is especially insightful and informative.”
  • “A superb menu of PT/EQA modules, that we use to monitor the quality of our testing for many different specialized coagulation analytes.” “Our JCAHO inspectors have been very impressed with the proficiency test reports during the inspections that we’ve had since we joined NASCOLA.” “We recently had an external review … our NASCOLA PT/EQA survey data was helpful to demonstrate quality monitoring of many analytes.”
  • “NASCOLA meetings and the website provide us with practical, helpful information.” “in depth analysis and presentations that address issues problematic to coagulation laboratories (e,g. von Willebrand factor and lupus anticoagulant testing).”
  • “Collaboration among colleagues at annual meetings provides superb networking opportunities.”
  • “A network of coagulation experts at your finger tips to help you problem solve and find out what the other guys are doing".
  • “A first rate website, including the ability to link with industry to enhance communication, as well as a site for checking on educational events, job postings, whose training and other opportunities.”
  • “Opportunities to take an active role on committees and become part of cutting edge research on coagulation laboratory practices.”
  • “Excellent educational opportunities (through meetings, chat rooms), with easy links to a host of experts through the website, for laboratory technologists, scientists and physicians.”